Monday, February 28, 2005

HOWTO Tips for Windows Power User

I will be adding Tips here for Windows Power users. If you know them already, just be glad that you are a Power user. Feel free to add any other.

1. How to delete a file without sending it to Recycle Bin?
Hold 'SHIFT' key also while you are deleting the file. 'SHIFT+DEL' is the 'permanent delete' - will delete unrecoverably - forever. This is also FAST delete. Will take lesser time than the typical delete of sending a file to Recycle Bin.

2. How to remove a program from automatically being started on system start?
There are places to check for this.
First would be
C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
If you a find a shortcut to the program that you don't want to start automatically, remove it from here. Just delete it.
Next place look would be
C:\Windows\win.ini or c:\WINNT\win.ini (depending on Win 98 or Win 2000)
Look for entries 'load=' or 'run=', remove any unwanted entries
(don't delete anything you don't know whets its for, it could be a geniune system program)
Still want to look further?
Open your registry (regedit)
Go to the following location:
You can remove, any unwanted entry from here.

3. How to do auto-completion in Windows command prompt?
In Unix systems, shell automatically would suggest the full file name or its matches when you invoke 'Tab' on a partially typed file name. Wanna simulate that in Windows?
Open your registry (regedit)
Go to the following location:
MyComputer\HKEY_LOCAL_MECHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor
Modify the entry 'CompletionChar'
Enter value of '9' (instead of whatever there)
Click ok.
For example:
Open a new command prompt. Type in C:\doc and tab out, you will get 'C:\"Documents and Settings"\' automatically.

4. On your browser: Whats the keyboard short key to go back to the last visited page?
Its 'BackSpace' key.

5. How to enable allowing of Renaming 'Recycle Bin'
By default Windows does not allow you to rename 'Recycle Bin'.
You will have to edit Registery for this:
Here is a script for that:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Copy and paste the above in a file and save it as {anyfilename}.reg anywhere. Double click on the file name to Run the command. After its successful, you will see windows allowing to rename. (Rightclick on recycle bin to see rename option)


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