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Amusing Indian Music

Indian Classical Music has two branches being Carnatic and Hindustani Music. 'Carnatic' is somewhat the original Indian classical music while the 'Hindustani' is its Persian hybrid.

Apart from Singing vocally, a large variety of instruments such as Violin, Miruthangam(a percussion instru), Veena ( a huge size guitar like), Flute, Morsing, Gatam (a pot), Tabala (percussion), Shenoy, Sitar, ChitraVeena can be used to play. Over time, even Guitar, Mandolin and Saxophone are 'adopted'.

Western music believes in specifying the absolute pitch of all notes and thus, the frequencies of all keys are fixed and the same for all keyboards (in fact, all instruments, if one can locate the corresponding notes). Indian music is based on relative positioning and thus, notes are not of fixed pitch. As a result, the standard keyboards are not suitable to play Indian to its grammar.

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Having Written About the Classical Music, Let me Write about the Tamil Film Music and its Western Influence. Also Having Heard about the various Musical forms such as Jazz, Rock, Pop and so, ever wondered What these are and Where Tamil Film music fall into?

Let me make a disclaimer first that its hard to say for sure what the music director intended it to be called but we can always from it.

Let me give some examples:

The Famous IllayaRaja song 'Poove Semboove Un Vaasam Varum' is predominantly Jazz song! Another example is 'KaalaKalamaaga kadahullu naangal Arpanam' in Punnagai Mannan. I'Raja has also used Jazz Violin in 'Kana kaanum megam mella Urangaatho...' song. The list can go on and on, but most of them are not fully Jazz songs, but you will se IR hitting Jazz chords now and then!.

Well, Whats Jazz?

Jazz is a certain type of arrangement of notes to convey certain expression or mood to the listener. Its like saying disco music expresses Dance movements. Well Over the years various artists have been expressing this in a certain form and thats what everyone call as 'Jazz'. But over the years, it has undergone considerable modifications by itslef.

One of the core concept of Jazz music is that the performer gets the freedom to play to their imagination (unlike classical music not struck to certain grammar).

From ARR: Hello Mr Ethir katchi from Iruvar (Jazz Keyboard and percussion)

Early TFM composers like MSV were heavily influenced by classical Jazz.

Jazz songs, but you will se IR hitting Jazz chords now and then!.

Now There are two type of Jazz (Or Should I say two derivatives?) Which are Blues and Rock n' Roll.

Jazz songs, but you will se IR hitting Jazz chords now and then!.

Examples of Blues:

Enna Saptham Intha Neram

Manram Vantha thenralukku manjam

Jazz songs, but you will se IR hitting Jazz chords now and then!.

Examples of Rock & Roll

Ram Bum Bum Aarambam (IRs MikeMatKamRaj!)

Vaan Nila tharum oli (ARRs Kanathil Muthanittal)

The starting beats in Ore manam Ore Gunam (Vidhayasagar's Villan)

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