Saturday, February 26, 2005

Divine Dream

I had this dream today early morning just before i could wake up at about 7 am. I am still ruminating over whatever I remember from the dream and posting the same.
Location: I was inside our vellingapattarai (Kanchipuram, India) house. We no longer own this house, we have sold it at about 9 years ago, before we moved to Chennai and have never visited that place afterwards. It was a huge house with 9 rooms, an out-house and a room on upstairs.

I was alone in the house, i was doing something (don't remember what i was doing or it wasn't in the dream) in the backyard and realized i better close and lock the front door. The front door was a wooden door and also had steel grill gate. The steel grill gate (those from India would be familiar) is typically made of steel frames to some nice design. We had some floral designs on it. I was about to lock the door with padlock from inside. Suddenly, I remembered that I was about leave the house in short-while, and I better lock the house from outside. So while still being from inside, I closed the outside latch of the grill gate and secured it with the padlock by inserting my hand through the grill gate. It took a few attempts to properly secure the gate. After I was satisfied that I locked it, I was about to return back to what I was doing, I realized that the back door was open for too long. I was worried someone might have entered the house. And to make sure, I was just checking each room. As I entered the pooja (prayer) room ( the room where we keep idols/framed pictures of gods), I realize, what I was afraid was indeed true. To my annoy, I see a man who (black/African as far as I remember) like a thief, was looking at the pictures there showing his back to me. I ran towards him, grabbed him by his neck/shoulder and dragged him to the backyard. I was probably yelling at him (don't remember what it was) and pushed him out of my backyard. But his long sleeve T-shirt (was vertically stripped in orange and black) was in my hands as he disappeared. I wasn't much worried about his disappearance, was only glad to get rid of him.

Then I closed the back door and came inside only to realize the man was not gone. He is still here, sitting on a sofa in the living room. He had well build body structure, with muscles showing up visibly. I realize, the only way to avoid trouble from him is to get friendly with him. I approached him and told him that he has well built body, with muscles showing up like outside of a star-fruit. (what an imagination of me at that time!). He looked at my face and smiled at me. As I observed his smile, I was loosing all my thinking. I immediately sat on the floor in the meditation posture with my eyes closing. There was then this thought that, this man could indeed be God. Within a second, the thought grew up on me so much that I was fully convinced and I was feeling some kind of brightness. It lasted for perhaps for few microseconds may be, I didn't observe much. As that thought fully grew up on me, I immediately prostrated at his feet. Even though my eyes were closed, in the next second I felt that he is gone. I opened my eyes, looked around. I went to front door to see that the previously locked padlock, is now open. The grill gate is still closed, but the opened padlock is just hung on the latch. And the padlock's key is not in the key-hole. As I was trying to look around for the lost key, I woke from the dream to an amazement in my consciousness.
And I am still pondering on my sub-consciousness on what in the world or outside or something that's present everywhere pulled off this dream?
For one thing sure, I never had any experience like this before.

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