Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dirty War - A BBC Film

Yesterday night PBS showed this BBC Film - 'Dirty War'. It was a very provocative film and heart moving picture to watch.
The story was about a radiological "dirty bomb" attack on central London. The film shows how a "dirty bomb" attack might be planned and executed in London, despite the best efforts of police and intelligence forces - as well as how devastating the consequences of such an attack could be.
An organized group of Islamic terrorists, smuggle radioactive material into England from Pakistan. They plan for exploding a bomb with radioactive material in couple of places in London. The intelligence officials manage to nab the man who was organizing, just before the attack, but they could NOT stop the bomb from exploding. And there is atleast one more bomb waiting explode elsewhere. In the end, they manage to avert that from exploding, but already the damages of the first bomb itself were enormous.
After the movie, PBS also arranged a in-house panel discussion with an US experts in homeland security, emergency preparedness such as fire department and health department , nuclear weapons and terrorism. The host and audience were discussing the preparedness of the government in the post 9/11 scenario.
Atlanta based CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has posted various information about how we can prepare ourselves towards handling the emergency at the following location.

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  1. Dirty bomb ? .. terrific .. If it happend really the affected country have to spend enormous amount of money to nullyfy the effects.



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